Private cloud solution

In-house private cloud system architeched to meet expections for thorough information security.

Messages are kept inside the servers of your company with the higest level of security requirement.

BIM delivers privacy while still offering the productivity and connectivity that we’ve come to expect from technology.

Private cloud solution

Message types

Share photos, drawings, contacts, stickers, audios and location messages. You could also send all format of files to your colleagues.

Schedule Message Schedule Message:

Send your message at the right time

Secret Message Secret Message:

Message gets deleted once you read it

Various message types

Stay connected

You could sign in via different phone number

Retrospect to your chatting history on any supported device

Worldwide coverage – free from internet censorship

Easy deployment for cross-platform security – Android, iOS, web browsers, and windows

Stay connected

Group, Account management

Deactivate/Delete departing employee’s account to prevent data theft

Executive users are prviliged to add contacts outside your company

Chat histories are synced across on all associated devices

Group management, Account management

Security Certified

Certified by Devcore, BIM's server and architecture meet the highest global standard compliance requirements, which thoroughly covers scanning, vulnerability check and penetration tests.

· OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project)
· OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual)
· NIST SP 800-115 (National Institute of Standards and Technology - Special Publication 800-115)

Security Certified


BIM is the one-stop-shop for all your private communications needs. You could customize alert tone, stickers, notifications, message types, and anything you could think of.

Customization service

Backend Management.

Keep you engaged with all the important info by using our easy management tools.

Conveniently preloaded with groups and personnels.

Integrate with BIM's well-documented API to promote the efficiency of information sharing.

Backend Management


Institute For Information Industry


Institute For Information Industry

Anderson Group


Anderson Group




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